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Welcome to the Georgia Chapter of The Wildlife Society

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The Georgia Chapter of The Wildlife Society (GA TWS) is a great organization that works to link current wildlife research with active wildlife management in the field within our great state.  Thebest way we accomplish this sharing of ideas is coming together during our annual meeting, which we host every Fall.  Wildlife practitioners and researchers all come together during these meetings to discuss current issues affecting wildlife management in Georgia and elsewhere.  With socials and great food mixed in, our meetings take on a family atmosphere with friends of old and new.  We would like to extend a big welcoming hand to all and encourage you to check us out!

GA TWS is a State Chapter of the larger parent organization The Wildlife Society (TWS).  Here at GA TWS, we fully support the mission of our parent organization which is stated below:

The Wildlife Society is committed to a world where humans and wildlife co-exist. We work to ensure that wildlife and habitats are conserved through management actions that take into careful consideration relevant scientific information. We create opportunities for this to occur by involving professional wildlife managers, disseminating wildlife science, advocating for effective wildlife policy and law, and building the active support of an informed citizenry.

Our mission is to represent and serve the professional community of scientists, managers, educators, technicians, planners, and others who work actively to study, manage, and conserve wildlife and habitats worldwide.

State Chapters like ours are designed to create state-wide networks of professionals.  The more diversity of professionals we have among our ranks the stronger our organization becomes. At our annual meetings, we disseminate new information about what our colleagues are up to across the state, challenge each other with hard questions, celebrate each other’s successes and failures, professionally and personally, but most importantly, we have fun!!  It’s easy to be a part of this family…if you have a passion for wildlife and their habitats, a flair for fun, a tough skin to take all the ribbing, and a love of community, we’re your people.  Contact me and I’ll welcome you into our family.  We look forward to you joining us!!

Best Regards,
Jason Scott

2015 President, GA TWS