Watch: Sharpshooting officer frees antler-locked deer

When two deer locked antlers in a field outside Calgary, an Alberta Fish and Wildlife officer came up with a surprising way to separate them. Tranquilizing one animal could injure the other, Sgt. Scott Kallweit realized. Instead he took out a shotgun loaded with slugs, took aim at the antlers and fired. The shot knocked off a piece of antler, allowing the deer to run free. “It was once in a lifetime. I don’t think I’ll probably ever see something like that again,” said resident Shelley Wright, who caught the moment on video with her husband Russ.

Read more from the CBC here, and watch the video below.

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A sharp-shooting fish and wildlife officer saved two deer who locked antlers.

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Header Image: Alberta Fish and Wildlife Sgt. Scott Kallweit took a steady shot two separate two deer that had locked antlers. ©Shirley and Russ Wright video via CBC Instagram