Watch: A robot helps record slow-motion moth flight

A sophisticated new robot uses a series of strings to keep up with the free-flying aerial maneuvers of moths, capturing a unique perspective on video. According to new research published recently in Science Robotics, the robot can even predict a moth’s next movements with up to 90% accuracy. The so-called “lab-on-cables” has cameras and motion sensors, and can quickly calculate the insects’ next movements. Researchers are tracking these motions in an attempt to design better free-flying robots based on insect flight, but the cameras could also be used to better observe insects in flight.

The robot is tied to a series of strings, moving around by pulling itself in different directions.
Credit: Mélanie Jouaiti and Dominique Martinez

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Header Image: A robot was able to keep up with the movements of the Agrotis ipsilon moth.
Credit: Donald Hobern