Watch: New board game shows the challenges of conservation

A new board game called Endangered shows players how hard conserving endangered species can be. In the game, which can include one to five players, individuals can take the role of zoologist, philanthropist, lobbyist, environmental lawyer or television show host. The object: to convince at least four ambassadors to save a species — either sea otters (Enhydra lutris) or tigers (Panthera tigris). The scenarios in the game represent real-world problems for the animals, including poaching, habitat fragmentation and oil spills. The lesson of the game: one group alone can’t succeed in conservation. It takes the help of many.

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Watch a preview of the board game below.

Header Image: In the Endangered board game, players have to deal manage real-world problems like oil spills and Toxoplasma gondii parasites that can threaten sea otters. Credit: Grand Gamers Guild via Facebook