Watch: Jaguar calls heard on trail camera

Researchers have something unique to say about jaguars they are following using trail cameras in Guatemala: The jaguars have something unique to say. The Wildlife Conservation Society recently released video footage showing a jaguar (Panthera onca) laying around in Mirador-Rio Azul National Park, making a number of noises that researchers said are mating calls or ways to make their territory known to potential competitors in the area. The camera that captured this footage is one of 50 that are used in long-term monitoring of these cats and other wildlife. “This ‘talkative’ jaguar is an encouraging observation that indicates that reproduction is taking place in the area,” said Rony García-Anleu of WCS’s Guatemala Program in a press release. “A vocalizing jaguar is telling the world ‘I’m here! This is my land!’”

Read more at the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Header Image: A vocal jaguar lounges in a clearing. Credit: Wildlife Conservation Society