University of Georgia crowned TWS Quiz Bowl champ

The University of Georgia became the 2016 Quiz Bowl champion after battling it out with the home team, North Carolina State University at the TWS conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Tuesday evening.

The Quiz Bowl, sponsored by Ducks Unlimited this year, allows undergraduate students from a wide universities across the United States and Canada to compete with one another and determine which team knows the most about wildlife, including wildlife laws and regulations.

Some questions were creative and required some extra thinking. For example, when a photograph of the super hero Wolverine appeared on the screens behind the teams, they were asked to recite the genus species name. The answer, which NC State answered correctly, was Gulo gulo.

With a final score of 130 to 50, the University of Georgia proved that they are most knowledgeable in all things wildlife this year.

Wildlifers will look forward to next year’s battle in Albuquerque, New Mexico, during which teams from academic institutions will battle again to take home the bragging rights to the 2017 quiz bowl championship title.