The May/June issue of The Wildlife Professional

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When we think of wildlife, cities aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. Yet urban environments offer an array of both opportunities and challenges when it comes to managing wildlife. In the May/June issue of The Wildlife Professional, associate editor Dana Kobilinsky looks at how managers are handling wildlife in cities and towns, from bears in North Carolina to rats in Vancouver and coyotes just about everywhere.

With COVID-19 on all of our minds, science writer Joshua Rapp Learn takes a close look at the wildlife roots of the novel coronavirus and the management challenges that zoonotic diseases create.

Contributed articles examine how “lazy lawn mowers” can help pollinators, the effects of poaching on wild parrots and the role of Bat AMP in sharing acoustic data about bats across the continent. We look at the metrics used to evaluate TWS journals in the digital age, hear from 2020 conference plenary speaker John Bohannon and consider what role wildlifers should play in combating climate change.

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