Tag: Road crossing

March 16, 2021

Building a better wall to keep ratsnakes off the road

Researchers in Ontario are looking into whether a great wall could keep snakes from getting onto highways that can be lethal to them. Canada’s two populations of gray ratsnakes (Pantherophis...

July 2, 2020

Clearer roads due to COVID-19 makes wildlife travel safer

Crossing roads has become a little safer for wildlife during the coronavirus lockdown in the United States due to a huge drop in traffic. According to a new report released...

April 19, 2018

WSB: White canvas bags keep deer off roads

When biologists in Wyoming wanted to test how effective wildlife warning reflectors were at discouraging deer from entering the roadway, they figured they’d wrap up some of them to keep...

Snapping Turtle
March 26, 2015

Bad Fences May Lock Wildlife in Dangerous Highway Corridors

Poorly-built fences lining highways may lock reptiles in a deathtrap unless they are done properly, according to new research. “If you want road mortality mitigation to work for small animals...