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May 8, 2020

Watch: Otters ‘juggle’ when they’re hungry, researchers find

While stay-at-home orders have prompted lots of people to take up new hobbies, “rock juggling” is old hat for otters. But why? According to researchers at the University of Exeter,...

March 5, 2019

British predators have rebounded

Once-endangered carnivorous mammals such as otters, polecats and pine martens have staged a remarkable comeback in Britain in recent decades, a new review shows. The study found that —with the...

July 20, 2018

Opening conference plenary recognizes conservation successes

Registration for The Wildlife Society’s 25th Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, is now open! Visit twsconference.org for details, or register now by logging in to Your Membership and clicking on the Conference tab. The opening...