Tag: Asian elephant

October 12, 2021

WSB: Adapting barriers keeps out wily elephants in India

Figuring out what kind of barrier will keep elephants from raiding farms in India is difficult—unless you can out-think one of the animal world’s top thinkers. While revered by some...

July 13, 2021

JWM: Sri Lankan elephants face danger despite protections

Despite a ban on elephant killing and the development of several protected areas for the animals to roam, some farmers still take the lives of the pachyderms in northwestern Sri...

December 21, 2020

TWS2020: Palm oil drives elephants onto Bornean farmland

Elephants in Malaysian Borneo fenced out of large swaths of habitat around palm oil plantations are being pushed onto local farmers’ properties. Researchers are looking at ways to reduce the...