Should Idaho bighorn be listed as a record?

There’s no question that the bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) taken by a Nez Perce Tribe member nearly three years ago in Idaho was a big one. But whether or not it should be recognized as a state trophy record is another question. The ram was taken was in violation of state hunting regulations, but those regulations don’t apply to tribe members hunting on ancestral land, the Associated Press reports. The Boone and Crocket Club ranks the horns as the largest ever recorded from a Rocky Mountain bighorn in Idaho and the 26th largest in North America. But state officials say to be recorded, the take must be in accordance with state laws. “We’re not going to call it an illegal kill,” Idaho Fish and Game spokesman Roger Phillips told the AP. “But for our state records, they have to be in accordance with our fish and game laws.”

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Header Image: Bighorn sheep appear in Hells Canyon, on the border of Idaho and Oregon. ©TravelBakerCounty