Isle Royale wolf returns to the mainland

There’s no place like home for a gray wolf (Canis lupus) that had been translocated from Minnesota to Isle Royale National Park last fall. The wolf traveled over 15 miles across a frozen Lake Superior in order to reach its home turf. The wolf was part of an initiative to bring 20 to 30 wolves to Isle Royale in order to establish a better predator-prey relationship and manage the large moose population. This lone traveler was one of four wolves that were initially moved to Isle Royale. The four were fitted with radio collars to track their movements. During an aerial search, two were found still on the island, one had died and the last one’s signal directed the biologists to the mainland.

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Header Image: A gray wolf translocated to Isle Royale National Park from Minnesota returned to the mainland.
©Derek Bakken