Fraser River species in danger, study warns

More than 100 wildlife species in a major Canadian estuary could be gone within decades, according to a recent study.

The University of British Columbia study warns that species in the Fraser River estuary, the largest estuary on the Pacific Coast of North America, are likely to be functionally extinct within 25 years without swift action.

“There is currently no overarching plan to save them. If we don’t act quickly, many species, including species of salmon and southern resident killer whales, are likely to be functionally extinct in the next 25 years,” said Tara Martin, a professor of conservation science at UBC. Martin is a senior author on the paper published in Conservation Science and Practice.

The paper points to declines due to climate change, industrialization and other factors.

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Header Image: A recent study warns that over 100 species of wildlife could be gone from the Fraser River estuary within decades. Credit: Province of British Columbia