Area of Focus: Invasive Species

April 17, 2023

Joint effort reduces invasive bullfrogs in BC

The three-year project sought to protect the endangered northern leopard frog

March 22, 2023

The March/April issue of The Wildlife Professional

In the March/April issue of The Wildlife Professional, our cover story looks how to make the most of conservation dogs

March 9, 2023

Rising oryx numbers may distress New Mexico ecosystem

South African ungulates introduced decades ago have expanded exponentially in Chihuahuan Desert

March 8, 2023

New tool models wild horse management outcomes

The new open-access modeling tool can help managers compare management methods and their costs

March 6, 2023

Cat personality may be linked to tendency to prey on wild animals

Dominant, less extroverted felines are less likely to bring back dead animals to their owners

February 24, 2023

Watch: Boosting bighorn numbers in Oregon

Biologists are monitoring an important California bighorn sheep population