Diversity Joint Venture for Conservation Careers unveils new website

The Diversity Joint Venture for Conservation Careers (DJV) launched a new website, providing resources aimed at increasing workforce diversity in the conservation professions. Future conservation professionals from underrepresented groups can use the site to learn about conservation careers, how to secure conservation jobs and find internship and fellowship opportunities. The website also provides a platform educating employers about the benefits of diversity in the conservation workforce, hiring diverse candidates and about the DJV.

The DJV is a partnership of federal and state agencies, universities, non-governmental organizations, foundations and professional societies that work together to increase the number of women and people of color in the conservation workforce — including positions that preserve and protect natural resources and emphasize science, research, management, policy and interpretative expertise.

The DJV works to introduce students and potential employees to the conservation field, provide resources to individuals to find internships and jobs in the conservation workforce, advise employers about recruitment and hiring practices and support opportunities for

career growth and development. These efforts by DJV Partners will support and enhance efforts by conservation organizations to attract, recruit and retain a new, dynamic cadre of diverse employees whose fresh insights and perspectives will increase productivity in the conservation workplace. The DJV’s activities are guided by five strategies that include branding of conservation field, supporting an inclusive work environment, increasing diversity in the workforce, networking and education.

The Wildlife Society has been a partner organization of the DJV since 2017. As part of TWS’ standing position on Workforce Diversity within the Wildlife Profession, the Society is dedicated to efforts to “expand and develop successful, collaborative programs for training, recruiting and retention of underrepresented groups in the workforce. Collaborate with other professional societies, private foundations, state and federal agencies and institutions to build upon programs that have demonstrated successful outcomes.”

Visit the Diversity Joint Venture for Conservation Careers’ website.

 Read The Wildlife Society’s standing position on Workforce Diversity in the Wildlife Profession.

Header Image: Community Crew members of the Student Conservation Association, a partner of the Diversity Joint Venture for Conservation Careers, work at Mount Rainier National Park. ©NPS