Company withdraws request to register Kaput feral hog bait in Texas

The company Scimetrics has withdrawn its request for registration in the state of Texas of the warfarin-based pesticide, Kaput, for its use in the control of feral swine (Sus scrofa). Warfarin is currently utilized in blood thinners and rat poison, but its use for invasive species control has faced controversy after the EPA fast-tracked the approval of the pesticide for use on feral swine in January 2017. The announcement of Scimetrics’ withdrawal came after several measures were taken to block this method of feral hog control in the state. Hunting, conservation, animal rights, and meat processing groups have threatened to file lawsuits against the company, pointing to safety risks and limited knowledge of the potential impacts on the environment and other species. Additionally, House Bill 3451 recently passed the Texas House, which would require state agency or university research prior to use of lethal pesticides on feral swine. The legislation is still waiting for a hearing in the state Senate.

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Header Image: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region