Bayer Bee Care raises commitment to TWS as Strategic Partner

Bayer Bee Care has raised their commitment to The Wildlife Society, signing an agreement to move from Premier to Strategic Partner. The mutually beneficial agreement will provide the Society with increased funding for strategic plan initiatives, while allowing for more collaboration and engagement between the organizations.

Bayer Bee Care has asked Keith Norris, Director of TWS Government Affairs and Partnerships, to be a member of the steering committee for their flagship conservation program, Feed A Bee. The collaboration provides a platform for TWS to help guide the science behind the initiative.

“We truly appreciate Bayer Bee Care’s increased support of the Society and its members,” said Ed Thompson, TWS chief operating officer. “The opportunity to share the Society’s science, management and conservation knowledge with their organization through ongoing dialogue, and our collaborative efforts to increase forage for pollinators are key features of this strategic relationship.”

With the strengthened relationship and heightened commitment, Bayer Bee Care will have greater engagement with TWS through its communication channels such as, the eWildlifer and the Annual Conference to create greater awareness for the need for suitable pollinator habitat and stimulate conversation on pollinator conservation.

“Feed a Bee is ecstatic to become a strategic partner of The Wildlife Society,” said Dr. Becky Langer-Curry, project manager for Bayer Bee Care and TWS Member. “The Wildlife Society is a perfect partner due to the extensive ‘boots on the ground’ network of society members and wildlife enthusiasts that look to TWS for guidance and expertise.”

Activities formerly part of the Premier Partner agreement will continue, including the plantings which resulted in over 70 million native wildflower seeds being planted across the country last fall. During that campaign, Bayer worked with local TWS chapters to ensure the seed formulation represented native plants for the area. TWS’ Dr. Scott Longing of Texas Tech University has worked with Bayer Bee Care in the past for the Conservation Innovation Grant made possible through the USDA to demonstrate pollinator conservation practices. Texas Tech participated again this past year with three other TWS chapters in Bee Care’s first national planting tour.

Bayer Bee Care will also continue to provide wildflower packets to TWS members throughout the year — at no cost — to plant in their home lawns and gardens to increase bee forage acreage. Through their sponsorship of the Annual Conference and their contributions to TWS communication channels, they will continue to promote dialogue and interaction on bee health and research.

The tiny creatures, along with their pollinator counterparts, are essential to agriculture, urban and rural landscapes. They are critical to the future of the world’s food supply and this Strategic Partner relationship will further open the door to information sharing. Both TWS and Bayer Bee Care will use this opportunity to work toward viable solutions for the future.

Bayer Bee Care is a Strategic Partner of TWS. 


Header Image: Bumblebee on butterfly weed. ©Rick Hansen/USFWS