Travel Grants

Image Credit: Steve Hillebrand

Image Credit: Steve Hillebrand

The Wildlife Society, along with many TWS Chapters, Sections, and Working Groups, offer travel grants (mostly to students, but some are available to professionals) to attend the TWS Annual Conference and other TWS-related meetings. The following list details those currently offering travel grants.

Travel grants of up to $2,500:

  • Biometrics Working Group: Student travel grants of up to $2,500 will be offered to TWS student members presenting papers or posters at the TWS Annual Conference. Applications are due July 15, 2017. More info is available here.

Travel grants of up to $1,000:

  • Maine Chapter: Financial support (up to $500 for individuals and up to $1,000 for groups) is available for student travel and professional development from the Chapter’s Student Support Fund. Applications are due February 1 of each year. More info is available here.
  • Pennsylvania Chapter: One professional development grant of up to $1,000 is offered each year to a non-student member of the Pennsylvania Chapter of TWS. The deadline is February 15 of each year. More info is available here.

Travel grants of up to $500:

  • The Wildlife Society: Students whose research has been accepted for the 23rd Annual Conference may apply for travel grants of up to $500. The application site will be open May 22 – June 13, 2017. More information is available here.
  • Minnesota Chapter: Professional development grants of up to $250 for individuals or $500 for student groups are available to cover travel expenses.  For more information and to apply download the application here. All requested materials shall be submitted at least 30 days in advance of attending an event.
  • Wildlife Damage Management Working Group: One travel grant up to $500 will be available to a maximum of ten members of the Wildlife Damage Management Working Group (WDMWG) to assist them in offsetting the cost of travel to a professional wildlife damage meeting. More info is available here.

Travel grants of up to $450:

  • Kansas Chapter: Two student travel grants for $450 each are available to students from a Kansas university. These two travel grants are available to attend the TWS Annual Conference in
    Albuquerque, NM, September 23-27, 2017. Deadline for application is August 25, 2017. Applications may be sent to, or

Travel grant amount TBD:

  • Missouri Chapter: Professional development travel grants are offered each year. The winter/spring deadline is February 15 and the summer deadline is August 15. More info is available here.
  • Native Peoples Wildlife Management Working Group: Travel grants are available through the Native Student Professional Development Program. Candidates must be members of a Native American, First Nations, or indigenous tribe, and currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in a relevant academic discipline such as wildlife biology or ecology. More info is available here.