California Central Coast Chapter: Officers

©Carley Sweet/USFWS, licensed by cc 2.0

©Carley Sweet/USFWS, licensed by cc 2.0

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President: Tiffany Whitsitt-Odell

I have enjoyed the past year serving as President-Elect alongside a strong Central Coast Chapter Board that has worked hard to provide more opportunities for our membership. I look forward to serving as your Chapter President. I have worked to ensure events are hosted in Santa Barbara County and I want to work to continue that effort as our chapter grows. I have enjoyed getting to meet many of you at events or via email and want to continue to hear from you about what kind of opportunities you would like to see the Chapter offer.



President Elect: Sara Snyder

I have served on the California Central Coast Chapter Board as the Chapter Representative to the Western Section for the past two years and am excited to serve as President Elect. While on the Board I have worked to strengthen our relationship with the Western Section and have worked with the other members of our Board to provide new events for our membership. While serving as President Elect, I will continue to expand our Chapter’s presence in Monterey County with field trips and more lecture series. I look forward to working with our Monterey County members to make this happen.



Chapter Representative/Past-President: Clint Scheuerman

Having served as CCCC TWS President over the past year, I look forward to serving as Past President and Chapter Representative. The California Central Coast Chapter Board has achieved great cohesiveness and fluidity the past few years and we look forward to expanding our reach and opportunities for members.



Secretary: John Perrine

I am a professor in the Biological Sciences Department at Cal Poly. I teach a number of courses in the “wildlife ecology and conservation” curriculum, including Wildlife Management, Wildlife Ecology, Mammalogy, Conservation Biology, and a summer course on field techniques in wildlife ecology. I conduct field research along with my students on mammals of conservation concern, including Channel Island fox, mountain lions, black bears, wild hogs, American pika, and giant kangaroo rats. I also manage the Cal Poly mammal and bird specimen collection and am the faculty advisor for the Cal Poly Wildlife Club. I have been involved with TWS-Western Section for more than 15 years, including serving on the editorial board of the peer-reviewed journal Western Wildlife, chairing technical sessions at the annual conference, and participating in several working groups and committees.


California 1082_Koenig

Treasurer: Michaela Koenig

I have served on the TWS California Central Coast Chapter Board for four years, two as Secretary, one as President, and one as Past President. In that time I have worked diligently to establish a current chapter roster, chapter website, developed our outreach program, grow membership, obtain chapter awards, and help build an excellent Executive Board. My goals are to help streamline accounting, provide transparency in our Chapter finances, and to increase student member travel grant opportunities and research grants by growing our working budget.


Appointed Positions

Professional Development Committee Chair: OPEN POSITION

If you are interested in chairing this position please contact Tiffany Whitsitt-Odell at

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for identifying professional development needs of our members and overseeing development of workshops and training sessions to meet those needs or advising members on other chapters, sections, or groups that are offering applicable trainings. The Chair of this committee will work with committee members and the CCCC Executive Board to make these events happen.

  Conservation Affairs Committee Chair: Tara Schoenwetter


  Media Manager: Katelyn Nyberg

I am a recent graduate from the University of California Santa Barbara with a B.S. in Ecology and Evolution. I am currently working full time as a Junior Environmental Planner and am a graduate student at Colorado State University’s online program getting a Masters in Natural Resource Stewardship with an emphasis in Ecological Restoration. I am pretty new to The Wildlife Society and am so excited for the opportunity to be a part of the Chapter!


  Membership Manager: Natalie Rathjen-Gonzales

Natalie studied Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology at UC Davis. In the years since graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2010, she has observed fish-eating birds on the Columbia River, tracked desert tortoises in the Mojave Desert, hiked after spotted owls in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, and scoped snowy plovers and least terns at the Oceano Dunes. Currently, Natalie can be found following power lines and listing trees for trimming as a consulting utility forester for Davey Resource Group. On occasion, she gets to perform nest surveys in dead and dying trees and hopes to be part of the growth of the ecological services division of the company. In her spare time, she trains and frolics with her ponies, discovers the world of board games, and takes in the views of our beautiful state. Perhaps she will paint that blank canvas that has been nagging her too. Feel free to add to the nagging so it doesn’t stay blank forever. 😉


  Newsletter Manager: Andrea Dransfield

Andrea is a wildlife biologist with a background in marine mammal research. Her Master’s thesis focused on humpback whale habitat modeling and reducing ship strike risk in the Bay Area and her undergraduate thesis focused on harbor porpoise habitat use in British Columbia. She has contributed to a variety of other projects researching harbor seals in Point Reyes National Seashore, monitoring gray whales along the coast of California, studying Irrawaddy dolphins in Thailand, and aerial and boat-based monitoring of large whales species such as blue whales at risk of ship strike in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. Andrea enjoys biking, SUPing, horseback riding and scuba diving. She is a new member of The Wildlife Society and is thrilled to be a part of the team.