Welcome to the Out in the Field (OiTF) Initiative

The OiTF Initiative was started in 2019 to make LGBTQIA+ TWS members more visible so that we can support and mentor each other, and work with our allies to foster a more inclusive, welcoming culture where diversity of all kinds is clearly embraced. OiTF has three simple goals: (1) to increase visibility of LGBTQIA+ wildlifers in TWS, (2) to build a community of LGBTQIA+ wildlifers, and (3) to identify ways to support LGBTQIA+ wildlifers, including students, in the wildlife profession. OiTF is housed within the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness Working Group.

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Questions? Please contact us at travis.booms@alaska.gov. You may find the contact information for our organizers below.