Recent & Relevant Literature

Fall 2018

Is ungulate migration culturally transmitted? Evidence of social learning from translocated animals
Jesmer et al. (2018), Science

A fence runs through it: A call for greater attention to the influence of fences on wildlife and ecosystems
Jakes et al. (2018), Biological Conservation

Prairie dogs and wildfires shape vegetation structure in a sagebrush grassland more than does rest from ungulate grazing
Connell et al. (2018), Ecosphere

Effects of rotational grazing management on nesting greater sage‐grouse
Smith et al. (2017), The Journal of Wildlife Management

Motion-triggered video cameras reveal spatial and temporal patterns of red fox foraging on carrion provided by mountain lions
O’Malley et al. (2018), PeerJ

Aligning mountain lion hunting seasons to mitigate orphaning dependent kittens
O’Malley et al. (2018), Wildlife Society Bulletin

Dune Habitat Trends of an Endangered Species, Penstemon haydenii Wats. (blowout penstemon), in Carbon County, Wyoming
Heidel et al. (2018), BioOne

Infectious keratoconjunctivitis in free-ranging mule deer in Wyoming: a retrospective study and identification of a novel alphaherpesvirus
Gutiérrez et al. (2018), Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation

Behind the Carbon Curtain: The Energy Industry, Political Censorship, and Free Speech
Lockwood and Jones (2017)