President’s Message

Fall 2016
Message from the President, Matt Hayes20160914_154726

Summer has given way to fall. The long days (and long nights) of field work, hiking through sagebrush, riparian areas, forests and marshes are just another memory. I’m sure many of you have spent those long days bouncing around some dusty, dirt road and, if you are like me, enjoying that we occasionally are able to get out of the office. Throughout the summer incoming President Holly Copeland has been hard at work with her normal duties as well as planning a stellar annual meeting for the chapter. Although submissions of abstracts are now closed, do not forget to check out the conference website and register. You’ll notice on the schedule that we will have a variety of great speakers, workshops, activities and scientific presentations.

This fall, we can really take stock of what we have accomplished to conserve wildlife throughout the state. Wyoming is home to many unique species and species in numbers not found elsewhere in the country. From large carnivores and ungulates to amphibians and song birds, much of what we all work on has immediate benefits to these species. As we get back in to the rhythm of meetings and deadlines, be sure to stop and realize the benefit that all of your hard work has done and is continuing to do for species throughout the state.