Board Meeting Minutes

Board Minutes – Winter 2017
By Daly Edmunds, Secretary

Since our autumn newsletter, the Board met three times – November 15 (in Cody), November 28, and January 17.

Below is a list of some of the topics discussed and decisions made. Board meetings are open to the membership, so participation is always welcome! For complete meeting minutes, please contact Daly Edmunds at

New Board Members

Per member election results, we welcome Holly Copeland as President, Nyssa Whitford as Treasurer (formerly Therese Hartman), Ben Wise as President-Elect, and Corinna Riginos as Board Member-at-Large (formerly Ben Wise). Matt Hayes assumes Past-President, Janet Marschner (Board Member-at-Large), and Daly Edmunds (Secretary) remain in their previous leadership positions.


  • As Treasurer, Nyssa has led the Board in creating a central, easy-to-access online repository of WY-TWS documents, especially as board members transition in and out of leadership roles.
  • Board decided to switch banking institutions from UniWyo to US Bank, which provides more banking locations and improved online banking capacity.
  • Board has approved providing $250 in support for a break at the joint highway mortality/mule deer working group meeting in Pinedale.
  • Review of 2016 annual meeting in Cody indicated a total cost to WY-TWS of $4,155.81.
  • Board approved the 2017 budget, which will include supporting member scholarships and professional development opportunities.
  • WY-TWS account has $32,575.

Communication Committee

After developing arguably the best state chapter newsletter in the region for years, Eric Maichak has decided to step away from this role. WY-TWS is extremely grateful for his skills, vision, and commitment to our chapter and developing a quality product for which we are extremely proud of! Brian Zinke has kindly taken over newsletter management – thank you!


After 5 years of support from the sale of donated Wyoming Game and Fish Commissioner Licenses and 1 member-donation, the Fellowship Program has failed to yield a tag to support a 2017 Fellowship Program. The cost of the program is between $9-10k/summer, with coordination of the program and all mentors being voluntary. The board decided to not continue the program due to lack of a clear funding future. This program had fallen into “Objective III” of the Strategic Plan (2015-2020):  Facilitate, support, and promote opportunities to develop and strengthen young professionals and future leaders in the wildlife profession. Board continuing discussion on alternative options to the program. Member in-put is welcome!

Engagement/External Affairs

Discussion began at the open board meeting in Cody. Ideas discussed among member attendees and board members included raising visibility of WY-TWS and the need to increase chapter engagement, so as to make sure that the scientific perspective is part of policies that pertain to wildlife management. Board members worked with partners to monitor the recent state legislative session, with notable participation on House Bill No. HB271, “Game Bird Farms – Greater Sage Grouse” (note: since the email update to WY-TWS members on 3/10/17, no new developments on this issue, still waiting for scheduling of public meetings by Wyoming Game and Fish Department). Board members continue to brainstorm strategies to advance the profile of WY-TWS and utilize the expertise of its members, while providing the credible platform from which statements affecting wildlife can be made exclusive of agency consideration.


To build a more direct connection to international organization, the Board has discussed changing the WY-TWS logo to more closely resemble that of The Wildlife Society’s.

COWCH Committee 

Frank Blomquist has volunteered to replace Andrea Orabona as chair, given her new responsibilities as President of CMPS. Thank you!

Daly Edmunds is the Director of Policy and Outreach for Audubon Rockies, covering both Wyoming and Colorado. Prior to joining Audubon, she worked for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the National Wildlife Federation/Wyoming Wildlife Federation.