View “Just Outdoors” video aired September 29, 2014 on the use of copper bullets instead of lead bullets to prevent lead poisoning of non-target wildlife.

Gateway page to several webs sites including:

  1. searchable CEE-TV database containing nearly 18,000 terrestrial vertebrate contaminant exposure and effects records for free-ranging terrestrial vertebrates
  2. the species characterization site, a annotated exposure and effects description of ecotoxicological data for 49 often-used terrestrial vertebrate sentinel species.

A searchable 2,000 citation annotated bibliography of petroleum pollution – The primary emphasis of this database is on published research in journal articles and books from 1926 to the present.  This database covers many topics including exposure, effects, fate, chemical analysis, physical chemistry and remediation.

Contaminant Hazard Reviews of 35 common organic and inorganic pollutants –   Each review describes sources and uses, physical, chemical, and metabolic properties; concentrations in field collections of abiotic materials and living organisms; lethal and sublethal effects including effects on survival, growth, reproduction, metabolism, mutagenicity, teratogenicity, and carcinogenicity; proposed criteria for the protection of human health and sensitive natural resources; and recommendations for additional research.

Species Decline: Contaminants as a Contributing Factor – A searchable database summarizing nomenclature, phylogeny, geographic location, life history, population size and status, stressors and sources of stressors (with special emphasis on contaminants and pollution) presumed to have caused the decline, proposed recovery tasks, and research needs.

National Library of Medicine gateway page to environmental health and toxicology specialized information services, including “toxline”.

Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development gateway page of the environmental directorate containing extensive information on European environmental health and safety issues and databases

Public access to the Toxic Substance Control Act Interagency Testing Committee tracking system – This site provides access to EPA’s chemical Priority Testing List, supporting documentation, and semi-annual reports to the Administrator of the EPA.

Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program website with containing testing, study results and research projects, and human health information.

One-stop location for current toxicity and regulatory information on pesticides. Compiled by the Pesticide Action Network of North America.

U.S. EPA Office of Water websites including water quality standards, total maximum daily load tracking system, STORET, National Pollution Discharge Elimination System, and Fish Consumption Advisories. And Toxics Release Inventory data.