WOW Community Members

Chair – Kathy Granillo (kgbirder55 at
To recruit other team leaders, create new team leader positions should it be required, recruit volunteers to assist team leaders, and be the IDEA WG board representative. 

Outreach Team Leads –  Megan Helsel, Amanda Veals, and Lizzi Meisman
To help provide information to State and Regional sections.

Social Media and Communications Team Leads – Val Titus and Erin Considine
To maintain an active presence on social media platforms and provide updated information via the website.

Fundraising Team Lead – Kerry Nicholson and Cynthia Perrine
To serve on the audit committee, help guide where funds are deposited, and propose ideas for fundraising opportunities. 

Conference Team Lead – Kathy Granillo (kgbirder55 at
To lead and organize initiatives conducted at TWS’s annual conference.

All Active Community Members
Amanda Veals
Art Rodgers
Carol Chambers
Cynthia Perrine
Elizabeth Meisman
Erin Considine
Kathy Granillo
Kerry Nicholson
Leland Pierce
Megan Helsel
Mindy Rice
Rachel Redding
Val Titus

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming involved!