Wisconsin Chapter: Committees

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WCTWS Issues Committees

Climate Change:

Deer Management:
Keith McCaffery (retired, WDNR), Chair (Keith.McCaffery@Wisconsin.gov)
Tom Bahti (retired, WDNR)
Jonathan Gilbert (GLIFWC)
Dan Storm (WDNR)
Tim Van Deelen (UW – Madison)
Scott Hygnstrom (UW – Stevens Point)

Farm Wildlife:
Mark Witecha (WDNR), Chair (markjwitecha@yahoo.com)
Erin Holmes (Pheasants Forever)
Mike Jones (USDA APHIS WS)
Greg Kidd (NRCS)
Julie Peterson (Pheasants Forever)
Ken Stromberg (retired, USFWS)

Ron Eckstein (retired, WDNR), Chair (roneckstein@charter.net)
Adrian Wydeven (retired, WDNR)
Karl Martin (UW Extension)
Tricia Knoot (WDNR)
Jim Woodford (WDNR)

John Olson (retired, WDNR), Chair (johnfolson@gmail.com)
Bruce Bacon (retired, WDNR)
Jonathan Gilbert (GLIFWC)
Nick McCann (GLIFWC)
Nathan Roberts (WDNR)
Shawn Rossler (WDNR)
Lowell Suring (Northern Ecologic, L.L.C.)

Government Affairs:
Chuck Pils (retired, WDNR), Chair (cmpils@sbcglobal.net)

Wildlife Damage Management:
Daniel Hirchert (USDA APHIS WS), Chair (Daniel.L.Hirchert@aphis.usda.gov)
Brad Koele (WDNR)
David Drake (UW – Madison)
Ken Stromborg (retired, USFWS)
Peter Fasbender (USFWS)

Wolf Management:
Randy Jurewicz (retired, WDNR), Chair (jurewrb@yahoo.com)
Adrian Wydeven (retired, WDNR)

WCTWS Awards Committee

Kris Johansen (WDNR), Chair (kris.johansen@wisconsin.gov)
Jim Evrard (retired WDNR) (evrardsc@grantsburgtelcom.net)
Robert Lonsinger (UW – Stevens Point) (rlonsing@uwsp.edu)
Jim Ruwaldt (retired USFWS)

WCTWS Scholarship Committee

Lesa Kardash (WDNR), Chair (skuldt@uwalumni.com)
Gary Zimmer (retired, RGS) (wcfa2@frontier.com)
Randy Jurewicz (retired, WDNR) (jurewrb@yahoo.com)
Patrick Kaiser (retired WDNR) (pckaiser@madtown.net)
Julie VanStappen (NPS) (Julie_van_stappen@nps.gov)

WCTWS Delegate to the WDNR Silviculture Guidance Team

Current delegate through June of 2016 is Ron Eckstein (retired, WDNR) (roneckstein@charter.net)

Forest management is important in sustaining wildlife populations. The Chapter will provide important information to decision-makers on issues that affect forest wildlife and forest habitat.  Currently, the WCTWS has a seat on the WDNR’s Silviculture Guidance Team and represents resource conservation interests.  The Guidance Team, is made up of forest industry, logging, small landowner, and forestry consultants as well as county, state, and federal forestry interests.  The Team will be making decisions that guide the development of forest management practices across Wisconsin.