Video: Rare Bison Calves Frolic in Texas State Park

This video from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department shows a herd of bison (B. b. bison) with their playful babies at Caprock Canyon State Park in the north of the state. The animals are part of the official herd of the state of Texas numbering around 85 individuals, according to an article published last March on a local news site, the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. The bison are descended from a herd conserved on the private ranch of the late Charles Goodnight in the 19th century. His JA Ranch donated the remaining animals to the TPWD in 1996. They were subsequently relocated to the state park and declared the state’s official bison herd.

Header Image: Bison, Caprock Canyons State Park, Texas
Image Credit: Jeremy Pawlowski, Flickr