Welcome to Retired Wildlifers!

The Wildlife Society includes a strong community of retired wildlife professionals.

“In October I attended The Wildlife Society’s 20th Annual Conference in Milwaukee. I’ve been to many others, and I am always amazed at the changes I see. The most encouraging is the increasing number of students and women. But one thing remains unchanged: There are always dedicated retirees remembering the past, discussing the present, and looking to the future of TWS. I’m one of those who can take the long view. I joined TWS in 1955 when I was a wildlife student at Humboldt State University. One of my professors, Ray Dasmann, said: “If you are going to be a wildlife biologist, you need to join The Wildlife Society.” I’m glad I did”.

-Reed Sanderson, Past Chair of the Retired Wildlife Professionals Committee (RWPC)

Visit the TWS Retiree Facebook page. Share your stories, gather for discussion, and connect with other retired wildlifers!

You can also submit stories and volunteer opportunities to Mariah Simmons at MSimmons@wildlife.org. The information will then be posted on this website.