TWS Conference: Exciting Networking Opportunities

Imagine yourself strolling through downtown Winnipeg on a quiet evening in 1920; or climbing aboard a 17th century wooden vessel and setting sail in Hudson Bay. These are a couple of the things you can experience during your several-million-year journey through Manitoba history – just one more reason to attend this year’s revamped TWS Annual Conference in Winnipeg.

As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to catch up with old friends while making new acquaintances at A Night at the Museum on Sunday evening. In fact, after spending four days with these folks, you may have a hard time saying goodbye at the closing event, where members, students and guests will gather to relax and celebrate the exhilarating week Manitoba-style!

A Night at the Museum Networking Event is a great way to kick off the week by learning about the history and heritage of Manitoba. Meander through the fascinating and engaging galleries while enjoying food and drinks with peers along the way. The Manitoba Museum will set the stage for many of the wildlife and conservation themes you will hear about throughout the conference. A full-sized replica of the Nonsuch, which sailed into Hudson Bay in 1668 and later established the Hudson’s Bay Company, is one of the feature exhibits. In addition, the museum spotlights several of the province’s current and historic biomes, complete with a miniature urban-scape of Winnipeg’s “boom time.”

In the wake of a hasty, eventful week, you’ll probably be ready to wind down and take in what you have been experiencing over the past several days. Perhaps you’ll be excited to share your knew-found wisdom or see how you stack up against other experts in your field. The Manitoba Social on Wednesday night is the perfect time to do so.

Traditionally, a “Manitoba social” – also known as a “Winnipeg social” or “wedding social” – is a fundraising party for weddings or community organizations. TWS’ social will follow these practices, offering ethnic Manitoba food and drinks such as various deli meats and cheeses, pickles and garlic sausage. A true Manitoba social event would typically not serve food until midnight, but TWS will be serving the snacks more toward the middle of the event, which will take place between 8- 11 p.m. If this doesn’t get your appetite going, there will be other options as well. There also will be a silent auction, a 50/50 raffle and a live disc jockey to provide music and entertainment for those who like to step onto the dancefloor after a drink or two.

Both the opening and closing events, along with many more, are included with the “Complete Access” badge this year. Don’t miss out on these and other extraordinary networking events, plenary speakers and once-in-a-lifetime field trips. The conference is less than four months away! Register online.

Header Image: The 53-foot Nonsuch sailed into Hudson Bay in 1668 looking for a fur trade route to England. TWS Annual Conference guests can enjoy a tour of the full-sized replica during the opening night event at the Manitoba Museum.
Image Credit Patrick Johanneson