Are Some Airports a Beehive of Activity?

A number of airports are starting to keep beehives in nearby fields, as part of an environmental initiative at airports around the world. Honeybees have been declining for about a decade, and airports are choosing to provide good environments for them and, in the process, educate the public about their value to the ecosystem. In Quebec, Montreal-Mirabel International Airport began keeping bees a few months ago, and saw a substantial increase in bee numbers. Similarly, Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport recently expanded its green initiative to now house 75 beehives — making it the world’s largest airport apiary project. Read all about the projects in The New York Times.

Header Image: A honeybee drinks nectar from a flower. Many airports are keeping honeybees on their fields as part of a green initiative that began in 1999 and is gaining popularity across the world.
Image Credit: Keith McDuffee via Flickr