The July/August Issue of The Wildlife Professional

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We tend to think of zoos and aquariums simply as places where animals are kept in captivity, but these institutions play major roles in the conservation of species in the wild. In this issue of The Wildlife Professional, our cover feature, “Into the Wild,” associate editor Dana Kobilinsky examines the many ways zoos and aquariums contribute to research and conservation, from studying urban wildlife in their backyards to fostering endangered species to be released into their historic ranges.

In our special section on trapping, our authors detail the past, present and future of the activity, describe the transformations that have taken place, explain the role it has played in research and conservation, and share some of the key points about trapping that wildlife professionals need to know.

Climate change is often discussed in terms of what it might bring in the future. The article “Conservation in a Changing Climate” discusses impacts that wildlife professionals are already seeing and the steps they’re taking to address them.

There’s a lot more in the July/August issue of The Wildlife Professional, including best practices for managing chronic wasting disease, the wildlife implications of restoring the American chestnut, and a peek at joint annual conference in Reno, Nevada, with the American Fisheries Society. It will be appearing in members’ mailboxes soon!