The August issue of the Journal of Wildlife Management

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Since the late 19th century, bighorn sheep populations in the western United States have suffered widespread declines and, in some areas, extirpations. Restoration efforts have sought to preserve two distinct subspecies or lineages—Rocky Mountain and California bighorns. In the featured article of the August issue of the Journal of Wildlife Management, the authors examine genetic variation in native and reintroduced herds and consider ways to avoid potential outbreeding depression and maintain possible adaptive differences.

The issue also includes a special section on managing feral equids, with articles examining their effects on natural resources, their interactions with native ungulates and predators, fertility control and other topics.

Other articles look at winter severity and white-tailed deer mortality, mallard-black duck hybridization, lesser prairie-chickens and energy development, Texas horned lizard survivorship and messaging techniques to encourage the public to reduce carnivore attractants.

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