Years not listed mean that no award was given that year.

Lifetime Achievement Award


2011 William G. “Billy” Minser, III, Professor of Wildlife, University of Tennessee

2010 Dr. James L. “Jim” Byford, Dean of Agriculture, University of Tennessee, Martin

2009 Clarence Coffey, Manager Region III, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Ron Fox, Assistant Director, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

2007 Jack Murrey, Wild Turkey Project Leader, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Dick Conley, Wildlife Biologist (black bear, strip mine reclamation, NWSG projects), Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

2006 Gary Myers, Executive Director, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Larry Marcum, Chief of Wildlife, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

2004 Dr. Michael J. Harvey, Professor of Biology, Tennessee Tech University

2001 Dr. Ralph Dimmick, Professor of Wildlife, University of Tennessee

2001 Robert M. “Bob” Hatcher, Nongame & Endangered Species Coordinator, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

2001 Dr. Mike Pelton, Professor of Wildlife, University of Tennessee

Student Paper Award

Each year the TN Chapter of TWS gives an award for the best student paper presented at the annual meeting.


2015    UT, Jordan Nanney, Is there any benefit to fertilizing white oaks for mast and forage?

2010    Jessie Birckhead, UT. Predicting White Oak (Quercus alba) Masting Potential: Implications for Management.

2009    Beth Summers, UT. Amphibian and bird assemblages at hardwood bottomland restoration sites in western Tennessee.

2008    Drew Wirwa, UT. Influences of drawdown on waterbird use of mudflats in Kentucky Reservoir.

2007    John Laux, UT. Identifying black bear habitat using a multivariate distance-based model.

2006    John Gruchy, UT: Effects of seasonal herbicide applications with and without discing on tall fescue renovation in Tennessee

2005    John Gruchy, UT: An evaluation of management practices on native warm-season grass fields.

2004    Ben Jones, UT: Ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus) drumming surveys: Insights on design and population estimation.

2003    Ryan Basinger, UT: A silvicultural prescription for eastern wild turkeys in mixed hardwood forests

2002    Sam Jackson, UT: First-year changes in oak regeneration, understory competitors, and resource levels in response to two overstory treatments and prescribed burning at Chuck Swan State Forest

2002    Brad Miller, UT: Comparison of Telazol – Xylazine and Carfentanil-Xylazine for immobilzation of white-tailed deer

2001    Karen Wiens, TTU: Effects of headcutting on bottomland hardwood wetlands of the Wolf River near Memphis, Tennessee.

2000    Chris Graves, UT: Effects of salinity on avian use of wetlands at Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.

1999    Richard A. Beausoleil, UT: Strategies for black bear management in bottomland hardwood forests

1998    Ben Laseter, UM: Population abundance of the Appalachian cottontail in eastern Tennessee.

1997    Dan Gibbs, TTU: Development and testing of a GIS-based habitat model for the eastern wild turkey at Catoosa WMA

1996    Chris Kreh, UT: Movements, cover type selection, and survival of northern bobwhites in response to disturbance by field trials.

1995    Tyler Alley, TTU: Development of Habitat Quality Models for use in assessment of early bottomland hardwood restoration projects

1994    Thomas H. Eason, UT: Weights and morphometrics of black bears in the southeastern U.S.

1993    Tim White, TTU: Food habitats of black ducks and mallards wintering at the Tennessee River National Wildlife Refuge

1992    Greg Schildwachter, UT: The pilot reintroduction of red wolves in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

1991    Kip Hollifield, UT: Insect availability to game birds on managed forest lands in the southern Appalachians

1990    Carmen “Chip” Lombardo, UT: Denning activities of black bears in coastal North Carolina

1988    Floyd W. “Butch” Weckerly, MSU: Forage abundance, nutrition and diet of white-tailed deer in western Tennessee

1987    Jeff Babb, MSU: Home range of the coyote in western Tennessee

1986    Richard Rucker, MSU: Movement and habitat usage of the bobcat in Arkansas

1985    Robert M. Lee, MSU: Demographic characteristics of coyotes in Tennessee

1984    Floyd W. “Butch” Weckerly, MSU: Preliminary investigation of deer food habits in West Tennessee

1983    Mark Gudlin, UT: A ruffed grouse restoration attempt in West Tennessee

1982    Mark Ritke, MSU

1981    Steve Bloemer, TTU: Hunting and non-consumptive use of wildlife on the Percy Priest Recreation Area

1979    Curtis Taylor, UT

Wildlife Professional Award


2008 Dr. Craig A. Harper, University of Tennessee

2005 Mike Hansbrough, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

2004 Mike Butler, Tennessee Wildlife Federation

2003 David Lingo, USDA Wildlife Services Division

2002 Kim DeLozier, National Park Service

2001 Don Allsbrooks, Tennessee Valley Authority

2000 Greg Wathen, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

1999 Rex Boner, The Conservation Fund

1998 Mark Gudlin, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

1995 Robert P. “Bob” Ford, Tennessee Conservation League

1993 Richard H. “Dick” Conley, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

1992 William G. “Billy” Minser, III, University of Tennessee

1990 R.L. Pete Wyatt, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

1989 Dr. Michael Kennedy, Memphis State University

1988 Dr. Ralph Dimmick, University of Tennessee

1987 Robert M. “Bob” Hatcher, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

1986 Dr. Mike Pelton, University of Tennessee

1985 Dr. James L. “Jim” Byford, University of Tennessee