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Wildfires create mixed chorus of warblers

Warblers can develop different song dialects in different forests, but after wildfires, those dialects can converge in an unusual chorus as different populations come together. That’s the finding of Brett Furnas, a quantitative ecologist and

Dana Kobilinsky

Genes play a role in warbler migration

For golden-winged and blue-winged warblers, where they go when they migrate south is in their genes, researchers found. “These small songbirds don’t really have a trainer or a navigator,” said David Toews, an assistant professor

FYI News

Three-species hybrid warbler discovered

Researchers recently discovered that a bird found in Pennsylvania is a hybrid between three different species. The warbler is the offspring of a hybrid warbler mother — a golden-winged (Vermivora chrysoptera) and blue-winged warbler (Vermivora