David Frey

Kurt VerCauteren earns Caesar Kleberg Award

It’s hard to imagine Kurt VerCauteren’s work ever seeming more relevant than now. As project leader and supervisory research wildlife biologist with USDA Wildlife Service’s National Wildlife Research Center, VerCauteren has been at the forefront

TWS News

TWS announces 2022 awards recipients

The Wildlife Society is announcing the recipients of this year’s awards. They will be honored when we gather for the 2022 Annual Conference in Spokane, Washington. In the meantime, keep an eye out on wildlife.org

Dana Kobilinsky

Building a student-motivated chapter

When Cary Chevalier was earning his bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University, he was a member of the student chapter of The Wildlife Society, but it didn’t have much faculty involvement or mentoring. So when

Dana Kobilinsky

Karen Swaim earns Distinguished Service Award

Karen Swaim, a principal and senior wildlife biologist at her own biological consulting firm, Swaim Biological, Inc., received the Distinguished Service Award for demonstrating a long-term commitment to The Wildlife Society and its Western Section.