Dana Kobilinsky

Caribou, muskoxen benefit rare vegetation

Conservation and management of populations of large herbivores like caribou and muskoxen on the Arctic tundra could help maintain rare plant species under climate change. Although it sounds strange, most species of vegetation are actually

Joshua Rapp Learn

Puma presence impacts tree growth

Veronica Yovovich had always been curious about the shape of plants around her school campus. Many of the bay laurels close to the University of California, Santa Cruz, were shaped like pyramids, but they didn’t

Conservation News

Bird declines tied to fewer insects

Some studies have documented insect declines. Others have documented bird declines. But scientists hadn’t connected the two — until recently. In a study published in Ornithological Applications, researchers found that declines in native plants —

Conservation News

Bumble bee species have favorite flowers

Different species of bumble bees in the Sierra Nevada select different types of flowers, according to new research, which has conservation implications for promoting the growth of pollinator populations. In the Plumas National Forest, researchers

TWS Local News

Plant ID workshop in North Carolina

The North Carolina Chapter of The Wildlife Society will host a plant ID workshop on August 21 in Ellerbe, North Carolina, focusing on plants with known wildlife value. Registration is $10 for North Carolina Chapter