Conservation News

Foxes encourage boreal forest growth

During years that trees don’t grow so many cones, foxes may help increase spruce forest productivity.  White spruce, like many coniferous trees, often alternate between productive and non-productive years when it comes to cone production.

Dana Kobilinsky

Arctic fox dens attract their prey

When Arctic foxes (Vulpes lagopus) make dens, they’re not just creating shelter for themselves. They appear to attract lemmings (Dicrostonyx richardsoni) to nest at their dens, too, even though lemmings are one of the foxes’

Dana Kobilinsky

JWM study: Logging may cause caribou stress

More than natural events like wildfire, or manmade features like roads and transmission lines, effects of logging operations on their habitat seem to be the biggest indicator of long-term stress for Manitoba’s boreal woodland caribou