Northwest Oklahoma public land expanded

October 16, 2017

A multi-year effort to expand Drummond Flats Wildlife Management Area is paying off for hunters this fall. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) ...

Wolf hunting restarts in Wyoming

October 10, 2017

Gray wolf (Canis lupus) hunting has resumed in Wyoming, pursuant to state management and conservation efforts. The species was removed from the federal endangered ...

Aging elk learn to stay clear of hunters

June 23, 2017

Mark Boyce couldn’t help but notice the difference in the elk he was studying in Alberta. When hunting season arrived, their behavior visibly changed. As the ...

Kansas ranch conserves waterfowl

April 17, 2017

About five years ago, Wendy and Eric Dunn sold their facility management business in Wichita, Kan., to build a ranch for friends and family where they could hunt ...
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