Tag: Golden-winged warblers

September 25, 2019

Geolocators yield conservation clues for migratory birds

Tiny geolocators attached to the backs of golden-winged warblers have shed new light on their migrations and revealed a part of the globe that could be critical to conserving the...

March 21, 2018

Warblers in trouble due to South American deforestation

Golden-winged warbler populations have plummeted in recent decades, even as conservationists have rushed to secure their breeding areas in the Appalachian and Great Lakes regions. Using cutting-edge trackers, researchers recently...

January 4, 2018

TWS recognizes wildlifers for outstanding publications

Nominations for the Wildlife Publication Awards will be accepted through May 1, 2018. Click on the link above to visit the Wildlife Publication Awards webpage, or visit https://wildlife.org/awards to learn more about...

June 22, 2015

The Call of the Last Golden-Winged Warbler in Georgia

It had been over two years since the last golden-winged warbler was seen in Georgia, but Nathan Klaus and Jim Wentworth hadn’t given up hope when they set out to...

April 15, 2015

Luck Connects Research Bird from Illinois to Nicaragua

Nobody knew precisely where it came from, and it didn’t have a particularly remarkable name when researchers first discovered it in September 2014 in the Seversen Dells Nature Preserve in...