Tag: Forests

July 30, 2019

Alabama TWS chapter to host bats and forest workshop

The Alabama Chapter of The Wildlife Society, along with the Alabama Bat Working Group, will host a bats and forest workshop on September 10 at Cleburne Mountain Center in Heflin,...

January 11, 2018

As climate warms, old-growth forests could give birds refuge

With temperatures expected to rise over the coming decades, some bird species could find it difficult to cope and suffer declines. But researchers in the Pacific Northwest found that old-growth...

October 26, 2017

It’s tall forests, not dense ones, spotted owls prefer

In what is believed to be the largest spotted owl study in terms of area analyzed, remote sensing technology is providing a more precise look at habitat preferences for the...

August 17, 2016

When privet is removed, native plants and pollinators return

Forests infested with privet invoke a kind of despair in people attuned to the problem of invasive plants. Privet invades a forest quickly, sprawling across the understory and growing into...

August 4, 2016

Changes in forest condition contribute to pollinator decline

Forests in North America have changed rapidly over the past century. Before European settlement, forests were a mosaic of open pine and hardwood forests, prairies, and woodland savannas. Recent studies have...

June 9, 2015

Bees Prefer Open Canopy Forests

While the decline in honey bees (genus Apis) in the United States is widely known, prompting the government to put forth strategies to protect the species, the status of other...