Dana Kobilinsky

TWS proposes overhaul of bylaws

Other than a few minor amendments here and there, The Wildlife Society’s bylaws haven’t had any major revisions since the 1970s. But as times have changed, and the way the Society and its organization units

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2018 TWS Council election results

The results from the 2018 TWS Council elections are in. TWS members have elected Carol Chambers, a past two-term Council member for the Southwest Section, as the next vice president of TWS. Evelyn Merrill will

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2017 TWS Council candidates announced

The Nominating Committee of The Wildlife Society announces the candidates for upcoming vacancies on TWS Council. Additional nominees for these positions may be submitted by any Voting Member in good standing, if supported in writing

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TWS Bylaws changes approved

This year’s TWS Council election ballots included three proposed changes to the Bylaws, all of which have been approved by the membership. The changes, approved for consideration by Council during their semiannual meeting in Pittsburgh