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September 2, 2022

New bird species discovered in remote Chilean island

Researchers have described a bird species new to science found on a remote island off the southern tip of the Americas. The subantarctic rayadito (Aphrastura subantarctica), a small brown bird...

August 16, 2022

Wild Cam: The Argentine deer that lost its migratory path

Jo Anne Smith-Flueck and her colleagues floated up to the nearly toothless huemul by boat on Lago La Plata, a clear glacial lake surrounded by pine forests and the snowy...

August 14, 2020

Watch: Tiny mouse is world’s highest-dwelling mammal

The yellow-rumped leaf-eared mouse is a tiny mammal, but it stands over 22,000 feet tall. Recently found at the summit of Volcán Llullaillaco, a dormant volcano on the border of...