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The Conservation Affairs Committee is part of The Wildlife Society’s Conservation Affairs Network. Using the documents found on The Wildlife Society’s website to guide our activities locally we have been active for several years. Our goals:

  • Develop our guidance documents tiered from The Wildlife Society’s Conservation Affairs Network Document
  • Provide technical expertise by writing letters or appearing at workshops and meetings and use our membership’s knowledge and expertise to provide sound science as needed in the region.
  • Work with our Professional Development Committee to host events that engage and inform our membership and provide outreach opportunities outside our membership
  • Provide current information on this webpage that has conservation affairs interest

Items of Interest

Feral Cats in Sacramento County

Feral cats in Sacramento have been of interest to the Conservation Affairs Committee and the Chapter Board for several years. We have collected information about feral cats in the Sacramento region here. We would like to move from tracking feral cat information to engaging our members as well as the feral cat community to develop some policies and help resolve the problem so cats can find a home and not impact the environment in which they live. See this page and contact us to get involved.

Nuisance wildlife:

If rabies is a concern, then call your local animal control department:

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Mailing Address: 1017 L Street PMB 245 Sacramento, CA 95814