Some of the current and past OITF organizers at TWS’ Annual Conference in Reno in 2019, (L-R): Travis Booms, Claire Crow, Colleen Olfenbuttel, and Katie O’Donnell. ©Katie O’Donnell


Main point of contact, Events Team:
Travis Booms (he/him)
Secondary point of contact, Events Team:
Colleen Olfenbuttel (she/her)

  Social Media Team & Outreach Material:
Katie O’Donnell (she/her)
Social Media Team & Events Team:
Liz Hilliard (she/her)
Student Involvement Team & Social Media Team:
Silas Fischer (they/them)
Student Advisor Outreach Team & Events Team:
Adam Janke (he/him)
Events Team:
Andy Tri (he/him)

Student Involvement Team & Events Team:
Alan Holt Harrington (he/him)

Carter Freymiller