Winter Business Meeting 2015

Minutes of the Winter Business Meeting

Ohio Fish & Wildlife Management Conference, Columbus, Ohio-February 6th , 2015

Call to Order, Welcome, & Introductions – Andy Montoney

Minutes from 2014 Winter Business Meeting

President ask for motion to waive reading of minutes Jeff Pelc second Alan Lea, all approve

President’s Report & online voting– Andy Montoney

Motion to approve, Laura Graber, Second Scott Peters all approve

Treasurer’s Report & Obtaining debit card– Geoff Westerfield

Motion to approve, Alan Lea, second Scott Butterworth, all approve

Other Committee Reports

Nominating – Andy Montoney

  • Need President Elect & Treasurer
  • Accepting nominations, need to continue requests, vote by email

Membership – Geoff Westerfield

  • Obtained January 2015 roster from TWS, will compare with local sign-ups and update

Program – Mike Enright

  • Upcoming Fall Workshop September 16
  • Planning meeting April 30 (all committees and student chapter rep. required)

Education/Information – Jeremy Bruskotter

  • President would like to start including Science Day and Student Chapters to this committee
  • Secretary mentioned upcoming newsletter and asked for updates and input from student chapters

By-Laws – Andy Montoney

  • Discuss upcoming suggested changes that were discussed at January 2015 executive meeting
  • By laws are over 15 years old, last update was 2010 that only updated membership status
  • We would like to spell out committee assignments: add website updater/webmaster job; chapter liaison with student chap-ters/others; update Education/Information to include recruitment and Science Fair; Audit Chair; basic clean-up of sections;
  • Electronic voting: Sent out notice 21 days ago, motion, discussion, vote;

Resolutions/Public Statements – Bob Ford

  • Nothing submitted

Legislation/Government Affairs – Kendra Wecker

  • Farm Bill update will be posted

Website Update – Amanda Duren

  • Treasurer will work with Amanda Duren about expanding website

Student Chapter Updates

  • President asked chapters to fill out officer form and submit to President annually
  • Chapter would like to create liaison for student chapters

OSU Update, Rio Grand Update, Hocking College Update

New business: Not enough time to discuss survey results or what to do with Avian Ecology conference funds, need to future business meeting to discuss.