Brief History and Award Winners of Arthur S. Einarsen Award

Northwest Section of The Wildlife Society

The Arthur S. Einarsen Award (established 1966) recognizes outstanding service to the wildlife profession in the Northwest Section.  Arthur Einarsen (1897-1965)  was a field biologist for the state of Washington Department of Fisheries. He became chief biologist for the state’s Department of Game from 1932 to 1934. In 1934, and moved to Corvallis where he taught research biology at Oregon State College. He was the first leader of the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit until he retired in 1959. He wrote many scientific reports,  professional papers and books, including “Ring-Necked Pheasant” (1945); “Pronghorn Antelope” (1948); “Deer of North America” (1956), and “Black Brant: Sea Goose of the Pacific Northwest” (1965).

The Einarsen Award is presented at the annual meeting of the Northwest Section TWS if a worthy recipient is identified by the Awards Committee (i.e., it is not necessarily awarded annually).  The Awards Committee should consist of Section Officers and one representative member from each state in the Section.

The following awards have been made:

1967    Paul Dalke

1968    (not awarded)

1969    Phillip W. Schneider

1970    Ian McTaggart Cowan

1971    (not awarded?)

1972    William Q Wick

1973    Leslie Pengelly

1974    Don C. Quimby

1975    Burton Lauckhart

1976    David L. Spencer

1977    John Craighead

1978    (not awarded)

1979    Wayne C. Hanson

1980    Kenneth Hungerford

1981    Jack Ward Thomas

1982    O.C. (Charlie) Wallmo

1983    Robert L. Eng

1984    (not awarded)

1985    Lee Eberhardt

1986    (not awarded)

1987    Al W. Franzmann

1988    Richard D. Tabor

1989    Karl W. Kenyon

1990    (not awarded)

1991    Charles Meslow

1992    James M. Peek

1993    Bart O’Gara

1994    Richard J. Mackie

1995    (not awarded)

1996    Maurice G. Hornocker

1997    Charles C. Schwartz

1998    (not awarded)

1999    (not awarded)

2000    R. Terry Bowyer

2001    John A. Crawford

2002    John W. Schoen

2003    Morley W. Barrett

2004    John G. Kie

2005    (not awarded)

2006    John (Jack) W. Connelly

2007    Edward O. “Oz” Garton

2010    Joe Lint

2011   (not awarded)

2012    Kerry Reese

2013    Ellen Campbell

2014    Kate Kendall

2015    Lisette Watts

2016    Daniel (Dan) Edge

2023    Richard “Dick” Schideler