The Northwest Section sponsors two awards: the Arthur S. Einarsen Award and the Wildlife Administrator Award.

The Einarsen Award was established in 1966 in honor of Arthur Einarsen (1897-1965) whose work extended across the Northwest Section in reach and in application.  The Einarsen Award is the Northwest Section’s Lifetime Career Achievement Award, and is meant to honor wildlife professionals who work and/or reside within the Northwest Section and who have left a legacy across the Section.  Nominees should be Society members (Chapter, Section, and/or International levels).  Click here for a history and list of past award recipients.

The Wildlife Administrator Award recognizes excellence in areas of wildlife program development, administration, budgeting, planning, and personnel management. Individuals receiving this award have been clearly and directly responsible for improved wildlife conservation by enabling others, facilitating positive management actions, developing new programs or cooperative efforts that bring benefits to the wildlife resource, and by developing policy, law, or direction which benefits wildlife resources. The nominees must reside and work within the section and be nominated for relevant action and responsibilities that they have accomplished within the past two years.  Nominees do not need to be members of The Wildlife Society.