Charter: Download the Working Group’s charter here.


The Native Peoples’ Wildlife Management Working Group was granted official status from The Wildlife Society in March 1998.

Goals of Working Group include:

  • Enhance cooperation among native, state, provincial, and federal government agencies related to wildlife management issues.
  • Facilitate communication and exchange of information among members of TWS interested in wildlife management issues facing native people.
  • Enhance knowledge and technical capabilities of wildlife professionals in natural resource issues that affect native people.
  • Promote projects and programs that benefit wildlife resources and enhance wildlife management opportunities for native people.
  • Encourage native students to pursue careers in wildlife professions.
  • Increase public awareness and appreciation of traditional native knowledge regarding wildlife and wildlife management.
  • Educate people on the cultural, spiritual, and subsistence values of wildlife to native people.
  • Enhance awareness of Federal Trust responsibilities of Federal agencies to native people.
  • Assist TWS in preparing position statements and policies related to issues that affect native people.
  • Maintain a cooperative relationship with the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society