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The June issue of the Wildlife Society Bulletin is now available

Articles focus on leopard seal photo identification, agency trust and CWD, drone surveys for ungulates, and more

Read Now June 24, 2024
July 12, 2024

Native Student Professional Development Program accepting applications

The deadline to apply for this year’s program is Aug. 18

July 12, 2024

Reports show SpaceX skirted wildlife concerns   

Debris from rockets has blasted across public lands

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July 10, 2024

Discriminatory housing practices of the past still shape urban wildlife

Researchers found “redlining” has left some California neighborhoods with little wildlife

July 8, 2024

For translocated Florida tortoises, survival is troublingly low

Turtles moved from faraway sites actually survive better than those moved short distances

July 3, 2024

JWM: Indigenous knowledge informs Alaska wolf listing

Alaska Indigenous people have lived alongside wolves for centuries


July 2, 2024

Hudson Bay polar bears may not survive climate change

More ice-free days may eliminate these populations

July 1, 2024

Snowmobiles affect bird songs

Researchers compared the way that snow machine noise silences bird songs in Yellowstone National Park

June 28, 2024

Wildlife Vocalizations: Exploring the balance between humans and wildlife

For TWS member Ellen Candler, wolf controversies awoke an interest in wildlife


June 27, 2024

TWS submits comments to BLM on sage-grouse planning

The comments were developed with chapters, sections and working groups to highlight critical management issues facing this iconic species

June 25, 2024

JWM: In the Alaskan Arctic, where are all the wolverines?

A recent study found densities were a tenth of what researchers found 40 years ago

June 21, 2024

Q&A: Missing wolves, forgotten landscapes and lost knowledge

A recent study suggests that, like ecosystems, science was reshaped by the loss of wolves