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WM: Proper planning can aid waterfowl in Canada’s ‘duck factory’

Decades of research offer guidance in the Prairie Pothole Region

Read Now May 17, 2023
June 6, 2023

Small surveys can give a big picture

Researchers looked at key interactions to gauge the health of the ecosystem

June 6, 2023

TWS2022: Backcountry skiing pushes out endangered bighorns

Bighorns avoid backcountry ski areas during the winter

June 5, 2023

Air samples offer a snapshot of biodiversity on the ground

Could air quality monitors in place around the world provide a global check-up?

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Mexican wolf
February 25, 2015

Mexican Wolf Population Reaches All-time High

Officials say the reintroduced Mexican gray wolf population in Arizona and New Mexico exceeded 100 individuals. The known population grew 31% between 2013 and the end of 2014, now reaching...

February 24, 2015

Officials Mull Grizzly Restoration in North Cascades

The National Park Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will explain a new proposal to re-establish grizzly bears in the North Cascades next month. Some of the bears...

February 23, 2015

Are Some Airports a Beehive of Activity?

A number of airports are starting to keep beehives in nearby fields, as part of an environmental initiative at airports around the world. Honeybees have been declining for about a...

Bald Eagles
February 13, 2015

Video: NASA Helps Survey Bald Eagles

Three times a year, NASA aircraft operations use one of NASA’s helicopters to conduct eagle flights with environmental ecologists to keep tabs on eagle nests. Although the bald eagle population...

Mountain Lion
February 11, 2015

Nebraska Game and Parks Tracks Mountain Lions

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission field staff recently started a four-year research project to place GPS tracking collars on mountain lions. As part of the effort, biologists will track...

February 10, 2015

TWS Backs Effort Demanding Halt on Old Growth Logging

The Wildlife Society has joined with six other scientific societies on a campaign to prompt the Obama administration to halt old-growth forest logging in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska....

February 9, 2015

Northwest Territories Mobile Conservation Area

The Northwest Territories has banned hunting in a new, mobile conservation area with changing borders to protect the vulnerable Bathurst caribou herd. Radio collars and reconnaissance flights will be used...

Wildlife Damage Wisconsin
February 6, 2015

Wildlife Damage Program Helps Prevent Conflicts

Wildlife damage specialists with the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks Department work with nearly 2,000 landowners to manage potential wildlife conflicts on their land. The damage specialists help prevent...

High Fence Deer Hunting
February 5, 2015

Indiana Courts Rule on High-Fence Deer Hunting

The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) does not have the authority to ban high-fence deer hunting. Conservation groups cite concerns about the...